Lawn Care with Lawn mower

If you are a hardworking enthusiast and see gardening as a leisure project rather than a chore, you can turn this interest into a profitable lawn care business. The first step in setting up this lawn care business is to purchase the necessary equipment, which will allow your pockets to be emptied.

However, you don’t have to immediately waste the equipment. For a lawn care business just starting out, it is recommended that you get the basic services first, but manage your operations effectively. This is because you have yet to build a customer base at this point.

It is not a wise move to go into debt by purchasing lawn care equipment that is currently unavailable.

Therefore, you should initially focus on using the basic equipment from the lawn care business – lawn mowers and trimmers.

Lawn mower

This is considered the foundation of lawn care, so quality should be the deciding factor when purchasing lawns. But again, for the new company, you also need to stay within the operating budget. Commercial standard lawn mowers cost more than $ 2,000.

For those projects that are limited by the budget, there are other options. One is the use of standard lawn mowers commonly used in residential areas.

This equipment allows you to focus your lawn care business on providing services to customers using similar lawn equipment, such as new build homes, condos or small apartments.

Lawn mower maintenance is crucial as this is the life of the lawn care business. This can be done by sharpening the blades regularly and scheduling regular maintenance of the unit itself.

A cover bag is essential for your lawn care activities. It is a protective cover for the lawn to prevent grass clippings from being removed.

The income from initially carrying out small work orders can now be used to invest in more advanced lawn care equipment.


The edging machine is another basic equipment you can use to start your lawn care business. After mowing it gives a light effect on the lawn.

To provide the best service to your lawn care business, it is recommended to use a gasoline clipper. Besides not relying on customer power supply, it is easy to transport and gets along well.

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