Lawn Equipment Safety

Powerful lawn equipment makes it easy and effortless to maintain your own garden or yard. Modern lawn equipment does a lot of work for you, which makes working in the garden seem very easy. However, the correct operation of lawn tools requires certain knowledge of lawn equipment safety. Every year, 75,000 Americans are injured by lawn machines, including 10,000 children. Many people do not first think about the risks of using lawn equipment. Knowing the potential dangers of using a power tool for yard work and the safety precautions to take can help prevent injury to you and your family.

Potential danger

Powerful equipment such as lawnmowers, edge trimmers and trimmers require comprehensive controls and alarms to operate safely. When using lawn tools, be aware of the following dangers:
  1. Sharp moving parts, such as knives, wires, or gears, can cut anyone who is too close
  2. Dirt in the garden, such as stones or toys, can hit the blade and shoot out from the side
  3. Steep surface where the mower can tip over
  4. Standing too close to the treadmill
  5. Burns from recently used equipment that is still hot
  6. Security Notice

If you do not take precautions to ensure your safety, these potential hazards can easily cause personal injury. The following are some safety recommendations to keep in mind when using lawn equipment:

Before operating the machine, make sure that all blade guards and other safety guards are intact and in place.
Before mowing, check the yard and remove any debris trapped by the machine.

Always wear safety equipment. Glasses, long sleeves, pants and boots can protect you from flying debris or blades that scratch your arms, legs or feet. Gloves prevent cuts and blisters on your hands. Noise-reducing earmuffs can protect your ears and prevent loud noises while using the device.
Before you begin, clear the site for all other activities. Do not allow children and pets to roam the yard while working. Children are particularly susceptible to the risk of injury from lawn equipment because they may not be aware of the risk and are on lower ground, where they are likely to be injured by debris.

Follow these simple safety precautions when working in the garden to avoid going to the emergency room and causing serious injury. If you or someone you love is injured because someone else is operating the lawn equipment unsafe, consider contacting a personal injury attorney immediately.

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