7 Gardening Tools That No Vegetable Gardener Should Be Without

There is one thing that unites vegetable gardeners together, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, and that is their need for gardening instruments. Now we can all agree that there is no end to the options for gardening tools. What we have to do is determine exactly what we need. Our desires can quickly become our needs when we walk into a garden center or look through a beautifully put together catalog. So let’s just look at a few essentials that every gardener will need in order to keep everything in perspective.

Some of the must-have vegetable gardening instruments:


So now that you’re ready to go shopping for instruments, what are the necessities? One thing to keep in mind is that while we are not going to overload ourselves with tons of tools, we should make sure that the tools we choose to buy are of good quality, in other words, that you get what you pay for. Therefore, keep that in mind. Saving a few dollars now will definitely mean that you are going to spend more later, because cheap instruments tend not to last that long. What I usually look for in gardening instruments are those that have aluminum handles and stainless steel heads. Believe me, the money you are spending on them now will definitely save you a lot in the long run, as has already been said. With that being said, what do we need?


Okay, so what instruments do we actually need?



without one of these, no vegetable garden is complete, unless you like to carry dirt, garden debris, or manure by hand. Yeah, so that’s what I was thinking.


There’s not a whole lot that can be said about a shovel to accept that it’s a garden instrument that needs to be.

The Garden Rake:

There are many uses for a good steel garden rake. You can also use it for seed planting, such as leveling, breaking up soil.

Hand Pruners:

Never underestimate the value of the notice I said good from a good pair of hand pruners! There are a lot of inexpensive imitations out there, so after ten minutes you will want to throw them away, so do yourself a favor and make this instrument a priority for investment. A good pair will cost you between $40.00 and $100.00, wherever you go.

Hand Shovel:

these little gems are worth their weight in gold. When working in tight spaces or in your container garden, they make it very easy and can also be very useful when planting and weeding.

Standard Fork:

There are many uses for a standard four pronged fork, such as turning the ground, harvesting potatoes, shoveling debris, and I am sure you will find many other uses for it.


A good pair of gloves would not be passed on by any gardener. Like a good pair of gloves for hand pruners, they are something that should certainly not be skimped on.

There are undoubtedly many other instruments that could be considered when it comes to vegetable gardening, but as far as the essentials go, I believe this list is really about all you will need.

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