Basic Gardening Tools and Equipment You’ll Need

It’s a must to provide yourself with the necessary instruments and equipment in your nursery before you start your home garden activities. In order to make your gardening operations simple and convenient, these instruments and equipment must be available all the time.

If you have complete instruments and equipment in your nursery, you can work peacefully and effectively. You would not worry about where to borrow because when eventualities arise, you always have a complete set of them at hand.


To start collecting your instruments and equipment, you don’t need large quantities. You can visit some agricultural stores for garden tools and buy those that are not so expensive, especially during yard sales, on a bargain basis. ” Use the Right Tool to the Right Job”Use the Right Tool for the Right Job.


Some of the basic instruments and equipment


Shovels – A round-ended shovel, particularly for planting trees and smaller shrubs, should be preferred for digging.


Garden Hoes – A garden hoe is useful for weeding and soil surface cultivation in order to allow deeper nutrient and water penetration of the plant root.


Provide a good heavy duty bow rake that has short tines attached to a metal frame or ‘bow’ on one side. This tool is essential for leveling the soil in order to make it ready for planting or removing large earth or rock clods from the soil.


Spading Forks – In order to open and improve the soil, a spading fork is required. It looks like a pitchfork, but the handle is shorter and the tines are wider. It is used to dig down and divide the ground into hard soil.


Dull Bolo – In the Philippines, this tool is common and its uses are similar to a garden used for weeding and cultivation.


Sharp Bolo – A sharp bolo is used prior to soil cultivation to cut certain grasses and small branches or generally for clearing operations.


Garden shears – Select a pair of garden shears that will fit your hand comfortably. For the pruning, shaping and removal of foliage or branches, shears, sometimes called clippers, are used.


Garden Hose – In order to water your garden, hoses are necessary. A good addition to the watering garden equipment list is also a good addition, depending on how much a sprinkler is watered.


Sprinkler Can – In order to water your plants, this is essential. Long nozzles make it possible for the water to come out at a very low flow rate and are useful for reaching long distances. Choose a watering can that has a spray head that is detachable – this type of watering can is perfect for watering young seedlings.


Hand Sprayer – Hand Sprayer is useful for spraying some minor insect pests that are easily controlled in the garden for minor insect attacks.


Spade – Similar to a shovel, but it has a square end point used to dig and create straight plots and beds.


Carts and wheelbarrows – some of the gardening tools and equipment used in your garden work must be transferred. Some other uses for carts and wheelbarrows are to collect and remove from your garden your entirely grown vegetables and carry away from the garden dirt and grass clippings. Garden Pruner – You will use the pruner garden instrument when you want to shape and cut back longer plants. Pruners are available in two styles. The bypass style is one of them and the anvil is the other. To see which style is the best for you, pick up a few varieties. Pruners that have changeable blades and parts that can be sharpened will help extend the life of this gardening equipment piece.


Garden Trowel – For weeding and cultivation, a garden trowel is also used. To make it last longer in use, select the one that has a steel blade. There are various types of handles from which to choose. You can either choose the one with rubber handles that make it easier to grip them while using them, and there are some that are designed during use to relieve stress from your wrist.


In your gardening operations, there is still some equipment to be purchased, but the basics you should buy are these tools and equipment mentioned. If you already have your larger capital, the Roto-tiller or the Tractor in your garden is also important. In the meantime, you can already start your garden operations by being satisfied with the basic garden instruments and equipment identified. Well, happy gardening!

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